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Keep it simple, surgeon.

With a single platform, streamlined catalog, and tiny-but-powerful surgical kit, this is the implant company you've been waiting for.

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It just makes sense.

No huge kit with a million parts. No hard sell. No need to spend $20,000.

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The simplest implant system you've ever used or your money back.

Have you ever been stressed about implants? Implant Club is a NO BS, easy to use implant brand focused on making life easy for you.

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Discount off of Implant Ninja Courses

As a member you get 20% off of all Implant Ninja Courses

Dropped Implant Replacement

If you drop an implant on the floor, we'll replace it for you no questions asked.

Evergreen Surgical Kit Promise

We will make sure that your surgical kit is always compatible with our implants, even if that means sending you upgrades!

200% Implant Failure Coverage

This means that if any of our implants don't integrate, we will send you two implants.

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“For a novice like myself, it’s absolutely amazing how easy the Implant Club is to use. I remember being intimidated by all the parts and accessories needed to place and restore an implant, but Implant club found a way to minus all the BS.”

Dhanraj Budhai, Implant Club Member